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DVD Video Slideshows

DVD Slideshows, VHS to DVD, Audio to CD, etc.

Available for:

Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Family Vacations, Valentine's Day, Mother's/ Father's Day, Graduations, Reunions, Memorial/ Family Tributes, Retirements, Sporting Events, Holidays, etc........

What's included?

Your custom-designed slideshow comes on a DVD that can be viewed on a TV or computer. We combine your photographs, music and video clips into a multimedia DVD that you can give as gifts to friends and family or keep for yourself.

All of our packages include one DVD with title and photo on the DVD label. It comes in a quality black plastic DVD case with full-color professionally designed cover with your title and photos of your choice on the front and back.

When you insert the DVD into your player you will see a main menu with title and photo. Using your remote control you will have the option to either play the movie or go to a scene selection menu that lists chapters and titles for other sections of the DVD. The slideshow will include an introductory title slide, concluding slide, photo transitions and motion effects, sound track synchronizing with your choice of music, and careful attention to details. We can do any effect you want or keep them to a minimal so that the effects don't overshadow the photos themselves.


Your DVD Slideshow/ Montage Includes:

  • A DVD of your Slideshow that can be played on TV or computer, or projected onto a large screen

  • DVD case and custom label

  • Your preferences in music, pacing, and style

  • A personalized theme

  • Themed menus

  • Special text slides for congratulations message, end credits, etc.

  • Photo captions

  • Professional photo scanning

  • Photo enhancement and color correction

  • Slide transitions, backgrounds and motion effects

  • Expert attention to detail

  • Several packages to choose from or design your own plan

  • Lots of options and choices, such as the following:

  • Short video clips

  • Recorded voice-over narration (audio segment)

  • Long captions such as a poem, personal letter or quotation

  • Extra photos, title slides, etc.

  • Additional copies of your DVD with extra cases and labels for an additional fee


It's Easier Than You Think 

You . . . provide the photos, music, and an idea of how you'd like it arranged. Include any memorable items you'd like to include such as personal letters, momentos, newspaper articles, etc.


We . . . optimize your your photos, add music, titles, chapters, captions, quotes, motion effects and transitions to enhance your photos or video. We can record a script or voiceover, sound effects, etc. Our goal is to deliver a professional presentation that exceeds your expectations!

Whatever your goal: You may choose a reflective slideshow with slowly cascading photos and gentle fades, something light-hearted, fast-paced using explosive animations and spinning pictures. We take the time to really understand your ideas and incorporate your personality into your project.


Whatever your audience: DVD Slide Shows are a great way to preserve precious moments of your life, tell a story, give a family history lesson, celebrate life's special events, or tell someone you love them.


Video slideshows are often shown at Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Reunions, and other events. Imagine how your special person will enjoy seeing family, friends, places, and events from the past set to their favorite music and enhanced with visual effects to make your tribute DVD Show something that will endure for many years.

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