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A decorative marriage certificate is for the purpose of decor and to serve as a keepsake from your wedding day. If you want to commemorate your marriage to your spouse with a fancy marriage certificate, why not ourder one of our own customized Marriage Certificate.


Our Marriage Certificate have all the important information such as the name of the couple who are married, the date of the marriage, who married the couple, the location the couple got married. Some also have a place for the bride and groom to sign the marriage certificate.


This looks great printed out. It would look great in a wedding album or framed on a wall. There are several different designs to choose from. 


Storing this keepsake in your wedding memory book will allow you and your spouse to cherish this marriage certificate for years to come. It is also good for keeping track of family genealogy information

  Only $6.95 each  

  $6.95 each

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