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   Whether you want a traditional or a contemporary ceremony, we can make your day a truly wonderful experience. Your wedding will be unique, personalized and to your complete satisfaction.




We Help You To...

  • Design a ceremony that is beautiful, elegant and personalized, and unique to you .

  •  Ensure that your ceremony reflects the personal values and/or spirituality that you both share.

  •  Create a ceremony that speaks of your mutual love, loyalty, commitment and respect.

Before You Reserve Your Ceremony...

  •   You can meet your officiant face-to-face and free of charge before you make any decision.

  •  We want you to be totally comfortable and at ease, knowing that your wedding will be perfect.

After You Reserve Your Ceremony...

  •  We will set you up with the documents necessary to start picking the components of your ceremony.

  • You may customize your ceremony with our expert help, and plan the entire ceremony minute by minute.

  •  Receive friendly consultations at any time regarding your needs.

  •  Make use of our extensive wedding resources.

  •  Finish with a ceremony that your friends and family will remember forever!

  • We will provide you with the cell phone number of your Officiant to keep in touch during the ceremony creating process.

On Your Special Day...

  •  You have an experienced, professional Officiant who is focused on you and your needs.

  •  Your officiant will provide you with reassurance, direction, warmth and presence and put you, your friends and your family at ease.

  •  Your ceremony will be conducted with sincerity, dignity, joy and love. Everyone will tell you how much they adored your ceremony.

The Secret Of The Perfect Wedding Is To...

  •  Choose the ideal venue where you and your guests will be comfortable...

  •  Choose an experienced, reliable and wonderful officiant who takes pride in celebrating your ceremony with you...

  •  Share a custom-made ceremony and vows, which reflect your love for each other and your vision for your beautiful affair of the heart.

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